Past Leu Gardens Shows
(thanks to Stuart Hall for documentation)

January 27 Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen
February 24  Acoustic Eidolon  Opening: Patty and Mike
April 27  Bill Stanes                                      
June 29 Tom Kimmel Opening Doug Spears                                    
July 13   Summer Sampler, featuring Carrie Hamby, Grant Peeples and MT Pawketts
July  27  Jack Williams Opening Stevens, Worrell & McKee
August 31   Black Rose/Jamie DeFrates &  Susan Brown
September 14   Fall Sampler, featuring Bing Futch, Matt Sabatella, and Ennis Pruitt
September 28, James Hawkins and Cold Harbor, Surf Road Project
October 26  Bob Rafkin Opening Ron Jonshon & Mary Matthews
November 30  Richard Gilewitz  Opening The Morse family band
December 28   Ben Dehart, Jerry Mincey and Chuck Hardwicke

April 29th Harvey Reid
June 24  Rod MacDonald
July 8    Summer Sampler: Jeri Long Simpson,
Jai Michael Barry, John Cunningham, Stuart Hall
July 29  Dave Potts
August 26   Carla Ulbrich  Sheryl Paige
September 9   No Guitars Allowed
September 30 David Mallett  opening: Cyd Ward
October 28  Vicki Genfan   Bari Clark
Nov. 25 Deidre McCalla    opening: Doug Spears
December 30  David LaMotte  opening: Dan Gribbin

January 29: National Act Mangsen & Gillette
February 26: National Act Small Potatoes
March 26: No Live@Leu show, the Leu Gardens Flower Show
April 30: National Act Don White
May: No Live@Leu show this month: See you at White Springs
June 25: Ellen Bukstel & Nick Annis 2 Miami artists together
July 16: 6th Annual Summer Sampler
July 30: Ken Skeens & Leigh Goldsmith premiering their new CD!!!
August 27:Bob Rafkin--premiering his newest CD!!!
September 10: No Guitars Allowed Part IV
September 24: Tammerlin
October 29: Florida's own Songbird: Mindy Simmons
November 26: World-famous Annie Wenz
December 17: Irish sensation Brendan Nolan

January 30: Tammerlin (CD Release Special!!!)
February 27: Sno Rogers
March 27: The St. Patty's Day return of Irish sensation Brendan Nolan
April 24: National Act Carla Ulbrich
May: No Live @ Leu Concert, FFF @ White Springs
June 26: The Ashley Gang
July 17: 5th Annual Summer Sampler
July 31: National Act Michael Smith (10th Anniversary of this series!!!)
August 28: Miami Performer Special: Ellen Bukstel & Grant Livingston
September 11: No Guitars Allowed, volume 3
September 25: Amy Carol Webb
October 30: Sam Pacetti and his trio (featuring Gabe Valla)
November 27: Jon Semmes
December 18: National Act Jack Williams

January 25: National Folk Act Mangsen & Gillette
February 13: Annie Wenz!!! FREE CONCERT!!! 8 PM, Friday night.
February 29: Bruce Peiphoff
April 25: The 24th Street Klezmer Band
May: No Live @ Leu Concert, FFF @ White Springs
June 27: Bob Rafkin
July 11: 4th Annual Summer Sampler
July 25: Valla, Turner, & Williamson
August 29: No Guitars Allowed (volume 3)
September 12: Mad Agnes
September 26: Mindy Simmons <--Cancelled from Hurricane Jeanne
October 31: Magda Hiller
November 28: Clearwater Connection
December 26: Mindy Simmons

January 26: National Folk Act Small Potatoes!!!
February 23: National Folk Act Rachel Bissex!!!
March 16: Special Added Event--Folk Legend Bill Staines!!!
March 30: No Leu Show
April 27: Folk Legend Harvey Reid!!!
May: No Live @ Leu Concert, go to FFF @ White Springs
June 29: The Ashley Gang
July 13: Summer Sampler (7 of Orlando's finest in 1 afternoon)
July 27: Brendan Nolan
August 31: Bluegrass Sensation Sno Rogers
September 14: TBA (Extra Leu show)
September 28: The crazy Carla Ulbrich
October 26: TBA
November 30: National Touring Folk Act Jack Williams
December 28: Amy Carol Webb

June 30th: Tammerlin, w opening act Dell Hoyt
July 14th: Summer Sampler (free)
Michael Barry, Barry Brogan, SusieCool, Joe McCarthy, Bob Neace,
Jen Pumo, Monica Rabino, JD Smith,
July 28th: Jak Kelly
August 25th: Steve Blackwell and friends
September 8th: (No guitars allowed) Lisa Firestone, piano. Doug Halper,
hammered dulcimer, and David Novak, storyteller.
September 29th: Rod MacDonald & Marie Nofsinger
October 27th: Terri Binion and Paul Sprawl
November 24th: Valla, Turner and Williamson
December 15th: Bob Rafkin and Mindy Simmons benefit concert

January 28: Hot Flash
February 25: David Mallett / Cyd Ward
March: No Leu Concert, Flower Show: SusieCool, Buck & Maggie, Common Ground
April 29: Upsala
May: No Live @ Leu Concert, go to FFF @ White Springs
June 24: Clearwater Connection / CrawDad & Wilde Thyme
July 15: 1st Annual Summer Sampler: Mark Smith, Patty Crago, Jack Kapanka, Lisa Firestone, Philip Weidner, Stephen Currence, Serina Jung, Doug Halper, Bob Sanders
July 29: Bob Rafkin / No opener
August 12: WingNuts / AKA Darryl (Lewis & Dolamore)
August 26: Jazzmin / Tara & friends
September 30: Sam Pacetti / Jim Carrick
October 28: Grant Livingston & James Hawkins / No opener
November 25: Amy Carol Webb / Ed White
December 16: Sno Rogers / John Gallagher

January: Hot Flash / Mark Fackeldy
February: Simple Gifts / Meadowsong
March: No Leu Concert, Flower Show--
Paul Gerardi, Rosewood, Stan Geberer & JD Smith, JenRic
April 30: Benefit for JU Lee--
Dell Hoyt, Common Ground, Peter Easton, Bob Rafkin & The Easter Island Boys
May: No Live @ Leu Concert, FFF @ White Springs
June 25: Cyd Ward & Main Street / Dell Hoyt
July 9: Dulcimer Workshop with John Blosser
July 30: Tammerlin
August 27: Celtic Workshop with JenRic
September 24: Clyde Walker /Stan Geberer & JD Smith
October: No Concert
November 26: Jeannie Fitchen / Bill & Eli Perras
December 17: Mindy Simmons

January 31: Gillette/Mangsen / No opener
February: Harvey Reid / No Opener
February 28: Al Scortino & Norm McDonald / Tom Cordle
March: No Leu Concert, Flower Show--
Stan Geberer, Barry Brogan, Jeri Simpson, Rosewood, Tom Cordle
April 25: Friedlander and Hall / Meadow Song
May 30: Jack Williams / Larry Dolamore
June 27: Mark Smith / Cathy & John Benton
July 25: Ruth King with LaRue / Paul Gerardi
August 29: Upsala / Sarah Nash
September 26: Mindy Simmons / Windi & Cindi
October 31: Clearwater Connection / Jeri Simpson
November 28: Common Ground / Barry Brogan
December: No Concert /Merry Christmas

January 25: Dell Suggs / Buck Snelson
February 22: Adie Gray & Dave McKenzie / Larry Dolamore
March 29: Cyd Ward, J.D. Smith, Bob Corey, Barry Brogan
April 26: Sam Pacetti & Kate McLeod / No opener
May 17: Jazzmin / Steve Buell
June 28: Jalapeņo Brothers / Paul Gerardi
July 26: David Dowling / Stuart Hall
August 30: Myriad / Jeff Friberg
September 27: Dave Mallett / Cyd Ward
October 25: Roy Book Binder / No opener
November 29: Bill Staines / Ed White
December 27: Lon & Lis Williamson / Tara

January 26: Zizi, KZ, and Doug Spears
February 23: Jeannie Fitchen
March 16: Uncle Waldo's Ant Farm
April 27: Tom Cordle
May 11: The Burns Sisters / Stillwater
June 29: Sam Pacetti
July 27: Bob Rafkin
August 31: Bob Kogut's Pinegrove Bluegrass Band
September 28: Rod MacDonald
October 26: Michael Smith
November 30: Bill Staines
December 28: Merry Christmas Party

January 7: Roy Book Binder
January 28: Myriad / Aurora's Choice
February 25: Ken Skeens & Leigh Goldsmith / Buck Snelson
March 31: The Wingnuts / Doug Spears
April 28: Sam Milner
May: No Concert--Go to FFF @ White Springs instead
June 30: Don Grooms / Sue Grooms
July 28: Charley Groth
August 25:
September 29: The Porchdogs
October 27:
November 24:
December 29:

The first Live @ Leu Gardens!!!
July 30: David Dowling / Wednesday Tunes
August 27: Bob Rafkin & the Easter Island Boys / Brian Stehli
September 24: J.U. and Wanda Lee / Larry Dolamore
October 29: Bob & Dana Kogut / K.C. King
November 26: Marie Nofsinger / Pete Easton
December 31: Simple Gifts / Jes' Folk